Candlestick Charting – What Does Solid Candlestick Mean?

Candlesticks have grown in popularity considerably over the last decade and a bit and originally a guy by the name of Steve Nison introduced them to the western world. Whilst the scope of candlestick charting is extremely wide and varied we are going to concentrate on what does a solid candlestick mean when looking at the charts.

The first thing you'll note about candlesticks is that you can have open and solid candle and you usually have different colour candlesticks too, namely red and green.

An Open Candlestick

An open candlestick simply means that the closing price for the day closed higher than where it opened at, resulting in a rise in the share price between the open and the close.

A Solid candlestick

A solid candlestick means that the closing price for the day closed lower than where it opened at, resulting in a fall in the share price between the open and close.

A red candlestick

A red candlestick usually refers to a down day relative to the previous trading day. For example the previous day's close was $ 25 and today it closes at $ 24 resulting in a red candle.

A greed candlestick

A green candlestick usually refers to a positive day relative to the previous trading day. For example the stock you are trading might have closed yesterday at $ 30 and today it closed at $ 31 resulting in a green candle.

An open red candlestick

An open red candlestick may be new to most people as their charting program may not have the functionality or depth to show these candles. An open red candlestick simply means the closing price today is lower than the close of yesterday but the closing price today is higher than the opening of the day.

A solid green candlestick

A solid green candlestick shows us that the closing price today is higher than the closing price of yesterday but the closing price today is lower than the opening price of the day. So as you can see, candlesticks can paint a very impressive and graphical picture and once you get used to them you'll be able to see some advanced patterns to profit from.

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How to Trade the ZUP Indicator

When the ZUP pattern is properly identified, the trader can enter a high probability trade. The main advantage of this trade is the ability to set tight stop loss orders in case of pattern failure. As with any trading system, this pattern is best used in conjunction with other reinforcing indicators. Support, resistance, and pivot points would be an example of this.

This style of trading is sometimes referred to as Harmonic Trading. No trading systems work all of the time. A 70% win rate with a controlled risk makes this pattern based system an excellent trading system for many types of traders.This is a universal trading indicator and can be applied to any market. Stocks, Forex and futures are examples of these markets. This indicator is published and available to the MT-4 Forex trading platform.

This technical trading system is used by banks, trading syndicates, hedge funds, and nearly every trader at a professional level. Anyone with modest intelligence and a little discipline can trade this system. This indicator can be applied to various markets such as stocks and currencies.

I am not a software engineer. The signal software was developed by others. I am an experienced trader. There are no secret “holy grail” trading methods. Think about it. The more traders that use a system, the better it works! Of course the Central Banks will set a currency price at will. We can’t second guess the Central Banks but we do know when they trade and we can choose not to trade at that time. The Forex markets are open 24/5 so we can select our trading times.

No trading method is easy and I’m not saying this is easy. The problem with most novice traders is that they are lazy! That’s why they get into this business,looking for easy money. There is no easy money but there are profits if you are willing to do the simple tasks that are required in a well managed trading system. Well are you willing?

You can read all about Leonardo Fibonacci on the internet. The bottom line is that he developed a sequence of numbers found throughout nature. These ratios have been applied successfully to trading charts. Every charting program out there provides Fibonacci tools.The markets tend to obey these ratios for reasons unknown. I don’t much care about why it works. I do care about if it works. Traders must realize, if you find something that is working, then go with it. You do not need to analyze the WHY.

The “powers that be” are able and willing to manipulate the markets at will. They have very deep pockets and can bury us at will. If you can’t beat them join them. Most of the trading in all markets is program trading. Computers are programmed to make the trades. What does a computer need? RULES! The rules they follow are whatever they are instructed to follow. That is why your favorite indicator will work fine one day and not the next. Big money rules!

But there are certain rules that are universally followed (most of the time). These rules are SUPPORT, RESISTANCE, and FIBONACCI. Trend lines also get a piece of the act. When you combine the effect of these universal indicators to price action you end up with a high probability trading system. Trading is all about probabilities. There is no such thing as a 100% accurate system.

The ZUP indicator provides us with a valuable tool to build a successful trading system. This indicator may be a major part of the equation but the successful trader must also consider money management and many other important factors.

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Is There Any Form of Formal Education for Forex Traders?

As far as I know, there is no formal degree which is Forex specific. However there is a certification program, which measures your proficiency in many aspects of finance which correlates to a lot of things involved in Forex trading. I am referring to the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA for short. The curriculum of most CFA programs covers subjects such as ethics, quantitative methods, economics, corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, security analysis and portfolio management.

You need bachelors degree in order to be eligible for CFA certification. There are many schools on and off the Internet which offer study materials for the CFA exam.

While this would go a long way in helping you understand the mechanics of Forex trading, it is by no means exhaustive, and neither does it cover everything that a good trader needs to know. However many Forex related companies would look favorably at candidates who possess a CFA certification. That perhaps is where it makes the most sense, if you are planning to work for a Forex broker or some other Forex related business.

Many experienced traders however would recommend Forex specific courses which don’t come with a certification but they do call for much more ground with respect to Forex trading and analysis. One excellent program that has received many positive reviews is Peter Bains Forex Mentor program, which you might want to check out. In fact even if you do decide to go for CFA certification, it might be a good idea to go on the Forex Mentor program concurrently with your CFA studies. Since the CFA program covers more ground, it ends up being a more general view of the different elements involved in financial analysis. On the other hand the Forex Mentor program, and other similar Forex training programs, are specific to Forex trading and studying them concurrently, while trading demo accounts would provide a much higher caliber of education and training compared to studying either one of them by themselves.

Never underestimate the value of using demo accounts in your Forex education. In Forex, what is important is the real world trading. There are so many different ways of analyzing the market and while it’s good to know most if not all of them, eventually you will need to focus on just a couple of analysis tools because the use of too many tools will slow down your trading and will result in missed opportunities due to overanalysis. So the Forex specific programs will show you the fundamentals of the different tools for analysis. The CFA on the other hand will provide you with the knowledge necessary to analyze fundamentals effectively. Taken together, you will be equipped with a fundamental and technical tools needed to chart your Forex trading direction. Then by using the demo account you are able to select and fine-tune your analysis tools of choice until you’re able to come up with your own personalized, and effective trading system.

Forex trading does involve quite a bit of studying, but the great thing about it is that you are able to get instant gratification in the sense that you are able to see the connection between what you are studying in what you’re doing, or intend to do trading wise.

You can also look into a coach, mentor or advisor. here is a cool article I found online that looks into the advantages of having someone help you (hope it is OK to copy and paste here…)

Why Have a Mentor When Using Forex

Forex has enabled beginners to catapult themselves into the exciting world of foreign exchange trading, but currency exchange is not a guessing game, and novices aren’t generally successful right off the bat. Like anything else Forex trading requires training and know-how. Consider the following reasons why you should consider using a Forex mentor, tutor or platinum training solution to improve your trading abilities:

Understand the Unknown

When trading currencies, or any commodity, you will undoubtedly encounter alien looking charts and figures. Platinum Trading Solutions says that without formal training you will not be able to properly interpret daily information feeds, which will harm your ability to do informed trading.

Know your Resources

When trading Forex you will need to regularly consult a list of critical resources. If you do not feel comfortable using: the law of the charts, probabilities, Investopedia, Forex news, Daily FX, Forex blogs, the Forex Symbol Table, historical currency exchange rates, and more.

Learn Patience and Timing

The most important, and difficult, aspect of trading is knowing when to buy and sell. Novice buyers often sell out of excitement and anticipation, regardless of correct timing. A Forex mentor from Platinum Trading Solutions can teach you the patience you need, and show you how to recognize the right time to buy and sell. Remember that this is an art form and being precise is critical.


As a novice trader, you are going to get frustrated. Nobody is successful on Forex overnight and there are many hurdles you must get past in order to be successful. A mentor, tutor from platinum training solution can help you get through the tough times and ensure you make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Save Time

For those eager to make it rich on Forex quickly, save yourself the time and effort of learning the hard way. When you go it alone on Forex you will undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes on your way to success, and this is ok, but it will cost you precious time. A mentor or platinum training solution will carry you over those hurdles by glossing over the mistakes (and the costs associated with them).

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Book Summary: Way of the Turtle – Ordinary People Into Legendary Traders – By Curtis Faith

Trading is an interesting art form. Most of the theories in this book have to do with psychology of winning and losing. Research has shown that people are more emotional about losing money than they are about winning money. The negative effect of losing is almost 3 times stronger than winning. Professional traders know this and make big money because of it.

Why is this important to me?

I understand that you are going to invest the next 7 minutes reviewing this book summary so it needs to be actionable. With that said, this is important because people are looking for ways to make money in the markets. Financial planners have made a killing over the last 25 years; unfortunately most of their clients have not. This is a paradox that has people worried about their retirements. When you enter a 401K, it is touted as simply put money in and forget it. The problem here as people know, most 401K's are really bad investments. People put in money for years and the account seems to not have moved or worse is less than what you put in. Market pundits will tell you to simply think long term and keep putting money in. There are so many problems with this logic but I will not go into it now.

Financial education needs to be acquired by each person. I am accountable for my financial future and so are you.

Curtis Faith was an original turtle and at 19 years old made $ 31.5 million in profits. Let's examine what, why and how around the turtles.

1. What is the "way of the turtle?" This is a trading system based on principles that beat the market handedly over a long period of time. This book examines the system and shows you how they did and why some turtles were more successful than others.

2. Why is this important? We looked at this in the last section but based on my own quest for financial education, I wanted to study the most successful traders and understand the psychology around it.

How does it work? The how is the bulk of the book. I will examine the psychological side of why some turtles did better than others. There is a ton of math in these trading systems that I will let you dig into on your own.

1. Rules to live by: Trade with an edge, manage risk, be consistent, and keep it simple. The entire Turtle training, and indeed the basis for all successful trading, can be summed up in these four core principles.

2. Trading with an edge – Are you familiar with black jack? This is the only casino game that can be beaten without cheating. This is so because the game has a memory. Card counting and playing in teams is a way to create an edge so the odds swing in your favor. The same is needed in trading. The turtles were trend traders and understood how to create an edge to make money.

3. Manage Risk: In trading terms there is price risk and liquidity risk. Price risk is fairly straight forward, if you are betting the price goes up over time then your risk is that it either does not move or goes down. Liquidity risk consists of the number of people who will take your trade. The Forex trades $ 4 trillion per day. This morphs all other trading platforms in the world combined. The New York Stock exchange trades $ 32 billion per day to give you an idea.

4. Be Consistent – This is where Curtis beat all other Turtles. He simply stuck to the system through thick and thin. Being consistent is the way to trades heaven but actually doing it is another story. There is a concept in trading called a draw down that happens to all traders. This means you can make 100% returns in six months and then have a drawdown of 20% of your profits in one day. When this happens, then consistency goes out the window. The herd effect takes over and people run for the hills at the same time. The mental side of trading is by far the biggest asset or liability when executing any system.

Curtis summarizes the whole mechanical trading system in the book. He covers Markets, Position Sizing, Entries, Stops, Exits and Tactics. This is great information to know especially if you are thinking about investing money. I personally just got involved with a professional trading group and only will allocate 3% of my investment capital. I realize that if I need heart surgery, I will not pick up a book and do it myself. There are true pros out there and I do not want to be eaten. In the book, Curtis and the rest of the turtles were trained for only two weeks but they were mentored by professionals.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is get financially educated. Understanding trading is a key component to financial education. This does not mean you have to do it but understanding it is important.

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How To Consistently Make Profits in Online Trading

Over the years, a lot of people have tried to trade Forex to see if they will luckily make money but in the process, these traders fail and vowed never to trade Forex again while the rest of them return later after several years. It is only the 5% left that make profit consistently in online trading. Does it mean that Forex trading is so hard? Why is it that many traders lose a lot of money in Forex trading? It is obvious that they fail to follow the strategies used by successful traders. However, there are factors that cause many traders to lose money.

Forex trading should be taken as a serious business and as a business, success can only be achieved once you are well prepared for it.

Here are the steps you should take to make profit consistently in Forex trading:

1. You must have the right mindset.

The first and the most important thing you need to do is to get the right mindset. You should have this at the back of your mind that you cannot get rich overnight by trading Forex. Forex trading is a very challenging business and like other businesses, you will definitely experience difficult times as you trade. So, if you don’t have enough patience to endure during the down times, it is better you stay out of the Forex market. Also, you must inculcate a good attitude. Why should you do so? This is because you have to respect the market condition and adapt to it and not trying to fight the market.

In the Forex market, money can be made when an opportunity to make money presents itself and certainly in the Forex market, money can’t be made out of nothing. So, Forex trading is not a flexible business because you can’t control the Forex market which is in contrast to what people think it is. But on the other hand, online trading can be a flexible business because you can be doing other relevant things while you wait for an opportunity to present itself. Lastly, if you are just starting out Forex, never you quit your job because it is risky, therefore trade Forex as a part-time business.

Online trading has the potential to generate a lot of money for you but it will not happen at once. Before you start making a lot of money that can sustain you, it will take some time and patience and so stick to your day job. Some individuals stick to their day job, even though they make more money in the Forex market than what they receive as their monthly salary. The good thing about online trading is that you can combine it with your day job.

2. Use a mentor.

Save yourself the stress by not visiting forums looking for a holy grail trading strategy. The common sense is, for you to gain the knowledge, you have to pay the price for it. No knowledge is absolutely free. You may see a great trading strategy that is available for free in some forums, but the detailed explanation about that trading strategy is not found. However, even if the information is available for you for free, a step by step guidance on how to use that strategy will not be found.

Also, in the process of moving from one forum to another, you will end up losing time, energy and money. Why is it so? This is because you have to implement the trading strategies one after the other and this will consume time, energy and money (if the trading strategies are used one after the other in your real account). At the end, the loss incurred is much greater than what you will benefit and so running from one forum to another in search of the holy-grail strategy is not worth it at all.

3. Be disciplined.

For you to make profit consistently in Forex trading or in any other business, discipline is needed. Most traders lose a lot of money simply because they fail to stick to their trading plan. Discipline is not a problem to some individuals but to some other people, it is a serious issue. Following a trading plan with strict discipline is very important. Building a successful business takes time and it can’t be achieved if there is no strong discipline.

4. If you experience a draw down, be strong.

Like I said earlier, a trader must be patient during difficult times. Forex trading is not the kind of job that pays you salary every single month. Definitely, you will experience losing streak periods in the course of your trading career. When this happens, most traders will definitely change their trading strategy. Or maybe they may not emotionally withstand the depletion of their funds when they face losing streak periods. The painful fact is there is no trading strategy that is always profitable in each closing trade and therefore every trading strategy no matter how great it is have strengths and weaknesses. So, you need to have a deep understanding of your trading method and avoid using that method when the market condition is unfavorable.

5. Consult your mentor if your trading performance is not encouraging.

If you have done all you could do and your trading performance is not improving, then you need to consult your Forex mentor for guidance. An experienced Forex mentor is ready to help you rectify your problem or provide answers to questions with respect to the trading strategy that he himself designed. And beauty of the whole thing is that they have an interactive forum where students can talk about the challenges they face.

There are some other measures I didn’t outline in this article however the five measures are the most important and should never be ignored. Other individuals usually say that Forex trading is very difficult or they can even regard it as a gambling game. People will start making negative statements about Forex due to the terrible experience they had during the course of their trading activity. But when they see you making money consistently in Forex trading, they may start changing their mindset. The negative statement people make about Forex trading doesn’t matter but what matters is that they are traders out there who are making money consistently in online Forex trading and you can achieve successful like them once you do what they do.

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The Pains of Doing Online Business in Africa

Take it or leave it, Africa is a great continent. It is my beloved continent with an estimated population of 1.216 billion people.

There are about 7 billion people with unique skills, talents, knowledge, and experience. God bless humanity.

So, if you think of the right market to sell your goods or services, come to Africa.

This is the optimistic part of this story. It is good to begin 2017 on a positive, optimistic level.

Now, let us come down to reality. The world has gone digital. But, Africa is still slow in moving from analogue to digital age.

Corruption, illiteracy, poverty, lack of social amenities, lack of trust, lack of knowledge on what it takes to run a business online, are some of the factors militating against Africa and Africans.

Internet penetration is 28.7 percent in my beloved continent. Compared to North America with 89 percent penetration level, this is a far cry.

This means North America with an estimated population of 579 million people is more digital than Africa. But, Africa has the market. In fairness, businesses are striving in the continent.

Lots of Africans know little or nothing about online business and think that people who do businesses online are either fraudsters or criminals.

This is not true. There are genuine and fake business owners everywhere, internet inclusive.

Trust has also made it impossible to do business online. With the world becoming a global family, business owners do not need to meet physically to transact business. There are no limitations in this digital age to running businesses.

Everything and anything could be sold online and money in local and foreign currencies transferred from one part of the world to the other.

But, my good friend in Lagos, Nigeria, who has masters degree from one of the oldest universities in our country know little or nothing about running an online business.

We were discussing yesterday and he told me bluntly that he knows next to nothing about online business.

So, he is comfortable moving his vehicle parts from one place to the other in search of customers.

This is the pains some of online business owners are going through in Africa with great potentials.

But, the pains of not getting enough customers from Africa for your business are a passing phase. Even as the Bible says, this will pass away.

Therefore, in 2017, I am positive that more and more business owners will overcome the pains of going from analogue to digital in Africa.

I get the feeling deep down that ten years down the line, the story will change for the better and internet penetration in Africa will rise.

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Forex Expert Advisors Vs Automatic Trading Robots – Which is Better?

Two of the ways in which you can trade the currency market without really locating entry points yourself is by using an EA (Expert Advisor) program or an automatic trading robot. These two solutions have become widely popular in recent years with the advent of the Internet and other technological developments.

What is the difference between an Expert Advisor and an automatic Forex robot and which one should you use?

There are many similarities between EAs and trading robots:

1. Both are software programs which were developed to trade the market on your behalf.

2. EAs and robots both take care of the analysis part of the trade. They go over the current market prices and based on their internal algorithms and technical indicators, they discover the entry points for high probability trades.

The second similarity makes using either of these two solutions a low hassle way to take part in the currency market.

However, there is one major difference between EAs and automatic trading robots: EAs don’t really trade on your behalf while robots do.

You see, EAs just provide you with trading signals. They tell you when they believe you should trade but they don’t actually place the trade for you. This does mean that you need to be around to place the trade but it also gives you an additional layer of control, a final “veto” so to speak in which you can decide whether to follow the signal or not.

Automatic trading robots are an entirely different thing. A robot takes care of the entire trading process for you. It discovers where to place the trade and actually enters it for you. It also exits the market on your behalf, and it’s all done automatically without your active participation.

There is certainly something appealing about such a low hassle way to trade the market as a robot gives you but it also means that you’re not in control. An Expert Advisor is a much better way to be involved in the market and perhaps even learn something new about it.

If you want to be more involved in Forex trading, then an EA is the right solution for you. If you don’t then a robot may be better.

However, know that it is always good to know more about how the market is run. For that, a robot doesn’t really work. It can make you money, but it can’t teach you anything.

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7 Minutes of Push-Ups and Sit-Ups in the Morning Will Kick-Start Your Testosterone Level

Happy and healthy is a reflection on or hormone levels more than it is revealing that we somehow have a magical life of no problems. Indeed life is full of problems and challenges and it is normal. But when we have the right hormonal soup in our system, it is this that keeps us on an even keel and we can cope with the challenges. Back in the days of the new frontier, between murdering the Indians and cutting down trees and clearing the land, some days would be easy and others very hard and so our body and brain always kept a higher level of testosterone in our system to cope with the sudden challenges we could be faced with. Because the men of those days were always dealing with sudden increases of heavy demands, their brains always maintained high reserves of testosterone to be ready and able to deal with them.

Today a hard day means you made a mistake with the office politics or accidentally deleted an email you should not have. In the modern world means standing in a long line at the supermarket checkout counter – and has nothing to do with hunting a wild animal for many hours to get something to eat. And the modern existence is not so bad, but smarter and wiser people always do certain things to increase their preparedness for the unexpected. Any person who when they wake up in the morning begins their day with a sudden burst of heavy exercise that creates the burning sensation in their muscles will find they have a sudden release of testosterone in their system not only for the current day that they face but also for when they wake up the next day.

A wise person prepares for the unexpected, and any man who wants to win the coming challenges of any day will definitely start his new days with a burst of push-ups and sit-ups to get his testosterone level heading the right way.

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How To Make 5,000 Pips Per Month On Autopilot Without Learning Forex and Without Any Forex Robot!

In this article, you will learn a method that can help you start making 5,000 pips per month without learning any forex trading and without ever using a forex robot. 5,000 pips on a standard lot of 100,000 units translates into $50,000 monthly income. Imagine, if you can make this income without trading forex and without doing a lot of work.

Let’s discuss how to make 5,000 pips per month on autopilot. Recently a new trend has started in the forex market. PRO traders are now selling their exact trades through signal services. These services allow you to copy their exact trades using a trade copier software. Most of these PRO traders average around 1000-1500 pips per month.

Find a good forex signals service that is selling the exact trades of a PRO trader who is making somewhere between 1000-1500 pips. Test it on your demo account for one month. Open an account and start copying his exact trades on your own account using a trade copier software.

During this month find another forex signals service that is selling the exact trades of another PRO trader making somewhere between 1000-1500 pips. Test it on your demo account and satisfy yourself with the claims made by the PRO trader. In the start of the next month, transfer some funds from your first account and open a second account and start copying the exact trades of the second PRO trader on that account.

By the end of the second method you should have made around 2,000 pips. Repeat the above process the third time and by the end of the third month, you will be making around 3,000 pips. Do it again the fourth time, by the end of the fourth month, you will be making 4,000 pips on average. Do it fifth time and you have reached your 5,000 pips target.

The beauty of this method lies in the fact that you are slowly doing it. You don’t need much capital. First month do it with only one forex signals service. At the end of the month, you can utilize the profits made in opening a second account that will be trading with a second PRO trader. The third month, again siphon off some profit and open a third account.

So, by the end of the fifth month, you will be making 5,000 pips. Now, making 5,000 pips on your own is a difficult task but by using this method, you can start making thousands of pips each and every month without ever learning forex trading and without ever using a forex robot. Good Luck!

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Options Trading – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Options Trading?

An option is simply granting someone the right to buy or sell something in the future. In the case of Dow index futures options, when someone buys a Dow call option they are buying the right to purchase that underlying Dow future at a specific price, known as the "strike price," at a future point in time, known as the "expiration date." When an investor buys a put, they are essentially selling the market; a call essentially buys the market. Likewise, selling a put essentially buys the market; selling a call essentially sells the market.

In order to receive the opportunity to buy an option on this future, investors pay a "premium." If the market does not reach the strike price of the option, then that option will expire worthless on the expiration date. If the market does reach the strike price of the option on the expiration date, then the investor will be assigned the underlying future at that strike price.

Advantages of Options Trading

Flexibility. Options can be used in a wide variety of strategies, from conservative to high-risk, and can be tailored to more expectations than simply "the stock will go up" or "the stock will go down."

Leverage. An investor can gain leverage in a stock without committing to a trade.

Limited Risk. Risk is limited to the option premium (except when writing options for a security that is not already owned).

Hedging. Options allow investors to protect their positions against price fluctuations when it is not desirable to alter the underlying positon.

Disadvantages of Options Trading

Costs. The costs of trading options (including both commissions and the bid / ask spread) is significantly higher on a percentage basis than trading the underlying stock, and these costs can drastically eat into any profits.

Liquidity. With the vast array of different strike prices available, some will suffer from very low liquidity making trading difficult.

Complexity. Options are very complex and require a great deal of observation and maintenance.

Time decay. The time-sensitive nature of options leads to the result that most options expire worthless. This only applies to those traders that purchase options – those selling collect the premium but with:

Unlimited Risk. Some option positions, such as writing uncovered options, are accompanied by unlimited risk.

Overall Options present a good opportunity to formulate plans which can take advantage of volatility in underlying markets as well as price direction. However for most traders the disadvantages are significant and online futures trading is usually a better option.

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