First Date Advice – Coping With Cultural Differences In Thailand

When it comes to first date advice, the number one mistake on the list should be how do I cope with her cultural differences. In Thailand, on a real first date, she most likely will be accompanied by a chaperone, usually her best friend. The chaperone will eat everything on the menu, and relay back to your date if you were a worthy future partner. I suggest having your date pick a place for authentic Thai food off the tourist path, or do your research and find one yourself. There are three major achievements that need to take place for a successful first date in Thailand. Do not be cheap, respect her friend, and most importantly do not try and close for a night cap later at your hotel.

When dating in Thailand the number one mistake, and the most common problem is taking advantage of Thai hospitality without compensation. Your first instinct leads you to believe that you are being taken advantage of monetarily, and that you are being taken for a ride in which the poor little Thai girl rids you of your very last dollar. In Thailand, all women first and foremost want a man whom can provide for them, as they will, cook, clean and perform duties not even a highly paid nurse would provide in your times of need. Do not be cheap and do not lose your mind either, this is a date. Provide spending with a Western world dating price cap in mind, and than value the returns on your investment on your second date. If you do go cheap, only do so knowing that there will not be a second time to make a first impression.

First date advice in America does not involve your date bringing a chaperone, well welcome to Thai culture. Thai women commonly bring a chaperone along with them, usually but not always the same sex. She has been selected by your date as the deciding factor on whether or not to continue seeing you. Treat her well, and you will be taken seriously as a future prospect. The Thai chaperone will not be shy to order everything off the menu when you go out to eat, so make sure to choose that restaurant off the beaten path, that only the Thai go to as your bankroll will not be exhausted. You will not be graded on your tip to the waitress, as Thai people rarely tip at all, and a good tip is three to five percent at most. Make sure your comments on how much these little girls can eat are kept separate from the amount you will spend when the bill arrives. First date with My a Thai girl led me to pay a full thirty dollars color : as my total bill, this bill covered the full purse Including drinks. My point is do not worry, and stay away from disheveled looks and uncomfortable motions when the bill arrives.

The most important first date advice I could give to the wandering soul in Thailand is to not try and close the date with a kiss. Thai first dates are not like the western world. This is a ritual for Thai women that means you are worthy for a look, and that is all. This is good, do not shrug off your initial test run. If the girl wants to close you, than by all means follow her lead, but do not try and do the same back. She want's more from you if she is laughing and speaking Thai with her friend as they both eye you throughout your dinner date. Share the joy in this and at the end of dinner and drinking offer to pay for the cab ride home for the both of them. If you do this, her chaperone will be more than impressed with you, as you did not leave her to ride home alone. She will inform your date that you were the perfect choice. Invite them both out the next night, or call her later and tell her what a great time you had, and that you would love to see her again. First date advice in Thailand should not be taken lightly, so be sure to follow these rules and than watch out for what comes next, as it might be more than you can handle.

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