Best 8 Part-Time Jobs to Make $ 3000 + Per Month Online

Have you ever wanted to have an online job that can make you finally financially free? Are you fed up with your boss and want to quit your job? If your answer is "Yes", then this article has the solution you have been looking for.

In this article I am going to explain best 8 ways to make $ 3000 + online per month.

1- Making money with affiliate programs:

Did you hear about those companies who give people commissions in order to help them sell their products? Do you know that many people make $ 5000 + per month selling others stuff; it is a big cake that everybody can have a piece from, simply because online business is booming day after another.

To do this you do not necessarily have 10 years of marketing experience or so, also it does not involve calling people to recommend that product or distributing fliers in the streets! It is as simple as setting an online $ 2 dollar advertisement that brings you a commission of up to $ 150, depending on the product you are selling.

Also there are a lot of free ways to advertise for these products like forums, blogs etc.

2- Making money filling online surveys:

Industries pay over 250 Billion dollars on market researching every year, why? Simply because if they launch unsuccessful product they lose a lot of money and time, this is apart from downgrading of their brand name, to drive away all these worries, they do what is known as "Market Research" they ask people what do you need ? What is your opinion about? What would you like to see in this product? Etc. so they can target the market needs successfully.

All this is good but how can I make money from surveys? Money market researching companies offer its participants money to fill market researching surveys, do you know that your can make $ 5-75 for spending 15 minutes online giving your opinion in one survey?

3- Make money driving your own car Or Get a free new car:

Many companies use cars as a successful advertisement poster moving everywhere around the town, and they are really willing to pay for it.

How it works? It is simple, you have two options,

You can register your own car to be wrapped with advertisement and you get paid up to $ 3200 per month


You receive a free new car wrapped with advertisement to drive.

It is as simple as this !!

4- Make money shopping and eating:

Would you like to go shop, eat and go to amusement parks not just for free but to get paid too !! Yes you can do that, strange, is not it?

Many companies spend millions of dollars to know how satisfied their customers are? What are their customers' needs? Etc. and they are going to pay you to do this for them.

5- Making money with Forex trading:

Forex trading are online platforms to buy and sell different currencies, many people make thousands of dollars from this business.

You do not have to have a degree in commerce or anything like it, there are dozens of step by step simple guides that teaches you when to buy, when to sell and how to make money.

6- Make money with eBay:

Nobody does not know eBay, but just in case you do not, eBay is an auctions website allows people to buy and sell cars, software, computers, books etc.

Some people make thousands of dollars on eBay, some others do not, what is the difference between these two kind of people? The difference is What to buy? What to Sell? What are the products with least competition and highest demands? This is what matters, if you want to be an eBay power seller you must consider these questions.

7- Make money with adsense:

AdSense allows you to put advertisement on your website and get paid every time an advertisement is clicked.

But the problem is most of the people do not have websites on the internet, but what if I could tell how to get a ready to be launched website, not only that, but how to get paid $ 2 per click, which means you can make $ 100 + aday.

8- Making money reselling domains:

Assume a website getting 2000 unique visitors a month and suddenly the owner of that website decides not to keep it any more, so its domain name expires, many website owners does not know the treasure they have just left behind.

What is that treasure? Do you know that this expired domain name can be sold for $ 100 +? You can collect these treasures left behind to earn a lot of money by tracking expiring domains and reregistering for it for only $ 5 and then reselling it for $ 100 + because of the already existing traffic.

To my knowledge these are the best methods online to help you increase your income and may be quit your job, I hope it was helpful to you.

Start making money with the programs discussed above , Click HERE []

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How Do CFD Providers Make Their Money?

There are two types of CFD models, Market Maker and Direct Market Access. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks and each CFD provider makes money in a very different way. It is important to understand how CFD brokers make money when you trade. In this article we will focus on Direct Market Access or DMA CFD providers only.

Direct Market Access CFDs are the most transparent type of CFD available, the reason for this is simply because DMA CFD brokers hedge every order they receive from their clients in the underlying market. When trading DMA CFDs you will actually see the CFD providers hedge order in the order book of the share listed on the underlying exchange on which the CFD is based.

In order to hedge in a cost efficient manner and enable the DMA CFD broker to offer CFDs on overseas exchanges the DMA CFD provider will utilise the execution services of a global investment bank that has exchange memberships globally. Having a relationship with one execution provider also allows the DMA CFD provider to achieve economies of scale resulting in lower execution and financing costs for the provider and ultimately the end client.

The global investment banks providing the DMA execution into the underlying exchange on behalf of the CFD provider also provide the financing on the positions, this execution and financing service combined works much like a CFD but on a much larger scale. The CFD brokers hedge transactions with the investment bank are known as SWAP transactions and the service offered by the bank is known as prime broking.

A DMA CFD provider model is simple, aggregate as many client orders and positions as possible in order to achieve reduced execution and financing rates on the SWAP contracts offered by their prime broker.

CFD providers make money much like any business where the business owner buys from the wholesaler and then sells the product in stores to retail customers.

The formula is simple, if your CFD broker is charged 0.01% commission on their SWAP trade and pay a financing rate of 0.50% above or below the RBA rate any they charge you 0.10% commission on the trade and 3.00% above or below the RBA rate they will make money. In addition to making money on commission and financing DMA CFD brokers also receive the benefit of netting all client positions against each other. Put simply netting means that if a long position offsets a short position the CFD broker has no position, however, as the client who is long is paying interest and the client who is short is being paid interest less a small haircut, the CFD provider profits from the difference between the two interest rates.

It is important to note that prime brokers will not deal with retail clients themselves and will typically only deal with large hedge funds and CFD brokers as such CFDs are a great way of achieving access to global markets in much the same way as the global investment banks themselves and hedge funds do.

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Options Trading – 5 Interesting Facts About Stock Options

When people refer to options trading they could actually be referring to a number of different securities. Options are traded on all types of securities (forex, commodities, stocks, etc.), but for the purpose of this article I will only be referring to stock options.

Here are 5 interesting facts about options trading that most traders never realize:

Fact 1: Most people never know who actually creates stock options. Heck, I traded for years before I found out the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) issues all listed options at the CBOE as well as other US option exchanges.

The OCC ensures the options market stays liquid and that there is always a buyer and seller for every transaction. Another party that helps facilitate this liquidity are Market Makers.

Fact 2: Sometimes it's not another options trader who buys or sells your stock option from / to you. Market Makers are exchange members who help keep the market liquid by using their own money to buy and sell options.

So when there is an absence of public buy and sell orders the Market Makers step in and put up their own capital to ensure the trade can be executed.

Fact 3: The price options are quoted at is their per share price, but they are only actually sold in 100 share batches. So what that means is that whatever price you see quoted has to be multiplied by 100 to get the true cost of that option.

People who are unaware of how stock options work may look at a quoted price of $ 2 and then get excited thinking they can buy that stock option for $ 2 when in all actuality it will cost them $ 200.

Fact 4: Stock options do NOT expire the third Friday of the month of their expiration. They actually expire the third Saturday of the month of expiration, but for trading purposes people usually state that they expire on Friday (since the market is not open on Saturday).

Fact 5: When you purchase a stock option you're not purchasing ownership in anything like you are with stocks. The only thing you are purchasing is a contract that grants you certain "rights".

In the case of a Call option you are purchasing the "right" to buy a stock and with Put options you are purchasing the "right" to sell a stock.

Options trading can be confusing at first, but take your time, keep learning and eventually things will start to come together.

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I Can Not Forget the Day I Attended the Kishore M Seminar Held on March 2009

I attended a Kishore M seminar in March 2009 and man I tell you, it’s one of the best forex seminars I’ve ever attended. The hall was filled with 2000 strong participants and everyone was fired up! They were clapping and cheering when Kishore M rushed to the stage.

Now, it’s fun to attend wealth seminars because we are looking for a different perspective towards making more money. What more, we are looking for people who can really teach us how to trade forex.

For my case, I was looking to shorten my learning curve in forex trading because I needed more time making money doing trades than just spending time learning. If you know what I mean. People spend lots of time reading forums and chatting with non professional traders to learn a trick or two when they could be using the time to make real trades because they wanted to save that few dollars paying someone to teach them professionally instead. They could be paying more tuition fees learning the hard way.

I came from a middle class family where no family member was an entrepreneur. All my family members were either employees or educators in universities. No one in my family knew how to do business or let alone make a million bucks. We were all getting by comfortably and no one had a flashy Mercedes or BMW. The funny thing is that every time when it came to family gatherings I would here them talking about housing loans and car loans. No one was really financially free or even living their dreams. So having said this, I knew I needed an impetus to start to learn about business and entrepreneurship because I obviously will not have the opportunity to learn from my relatives and friends.

So I signed up for Kishore M’s Seminar because I had to start somewhere. I was very skeptical at first because why would anyone promote a forex seminar when he is already rich and successful? Wouldn’t Kishore want to keep his secrets to himself? Shouldn’t he be selfish?

And so I listened to Kishore’s story. I knew exactly what he was talking about. He mentioned that he was once like me, wanting to learn how to make more money instead of having a 9 to 5 job. Worst case, he was one of the guys who got retrenched during the financial crisis. He told us that he started to learn how to make money forex trading from several forex traders and after several years, he had perfected his trading techniques and now, he wants to share it with others because he believes that everyone should benefit from financial education. Of course he would charge people to learn his techniques. Obviously he would make money teaching forex but lets think about it. When he charges, he is also giving us invaluable financial lessons in return. The information that he sells is similar to the information other financial gurus would sell. For example, Jim Rogers has his books to sell, Robert Kiyosaki has his Rich Dad series to sell, Larry Williams has his commodity books to sell to name a few.

So back to the Kishore M seminar. I learned 5 techniques on how to trade forex from that seminar. They are:

1.) The instant pip profit technique where we use indicators such as Brolinger bands, Parabolic Sar and MACD to enter and exit a trade.

2) The pip Maximizer technique where we were taught on how to interpret tha price based on moving averages.

3) The Brolinger squeeze technique (which is my favourite). We we tuagt how to place buy stops and sell stops when we see a Brolinger squeeze in a currency pair.

4) The Non farm payroll trade where we were taught on when to enter and exit a trade to make at least 30 pips during the NFP announcements on every first Friday of the month.

5) We were taught how to trade forex options using the Ig markets platform.

These 5 techniques are very important to me and today, I make better trades thanks to the financial education I received from the Kishore M seminar I had attended in March.

To view the recording of Kishore M’s seminar, you can get it at:

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Marketing Manual Sample Outline

The key to success in any business relies a large part in your ability to market your product or service. Often MBA students spend years studying marketing as it encompasses and relates to nearly all business operations. If you own a small business you know the value of marketing, even if you do not have an MBA or a specialized MBA in Marketing.

One thing I found helpful in our company was to thoroughly outline what steps we would take to market our products and services. Our company is a franchise company, which specializes in mobile car washing. Although our company which generally provided services with only a few actual products, this marketing outline will help you design an over all marketing strategy for your company. You need one, even if you are a small company and one-man or Woman show.

It helps to draw on past experiences and to think on things, which worked in getting new clients. Ask yourself where have my best clients come from, because obviously you would like to get many more of those. Here is a sample outline we used; yours will be different of course but if you print this out and then make comments in the margin, then redesign yours to fit your specific knowledge, expertise and business model you will be able to use this as a launching board to designing a World Class Marketing Manual.



A. Newspaper

B. Radio


D. Cable

E. Newsletters, email newsletters

F. Publicity Stunts


A. Credit Cards Pre-Paid

B. Give aways and fundraising events

1. Social Booster Clubs

2. Churches

3. Non-Profit Groups

4. Student Groups

5. Service Clubs

C. Walk-A-Thons

D. Bike-A-Thons

E. Dollar Distribution

F. Co-Offers (Other Businesses)

G. Publicity

H. Marketing Opportunities


A. Fax Lists and E-mail lists

B. Fax On Demand

C. Fax Etiquette and the Law, Do Not Registries

D. Sharing Faxing and servers

E. Sharing Lists


A. Membership Drives

B. Neighborhood Watch Programs

C. Red Ribbon Week

D. Internet Virtual Stores

E. Door Prizes

F. Open Communications


A. Car Wash Clubs, Customer Discount Clubs

B. Fleet Sales and Corporate Discounts and Programs

C. Ride Share Programs

D. Corporate Employee Program

E. Coupon Books

F. Gift Certificates

G. Good Fax Letters

H. Detail Direct Sales Coupons

I. Bingo Certificates

J. Ladies Day

K. Run For City Council or sponsor a small business candidate

L. Contests


A. Types Of Businesses

B. Domino's Pizza

C. Car Clubs

D. Kinko's

E. Other Franchises

F. Leads From Franchisor

G. Distribution

H. Reasons And Savings

I. Potential Contacts And Referrals


A. Franchisor

B. Teams

C. Methods

D. Mail

E. Phone

F. Faxing

G. Rainy Days

H. Competition

I. Direct Sales / Telemarketing

J. Competition

K. Contract Selling

L. Employee Sabotage


A. Yellow Pages

B. Newspaper

C. Radio

D. Newsletters

E. Programs


G. Cable

H. Signage

I. Flyers

J. Distribution

K. Key Chains

L. Pens-Pencils, refrigerator magnets

M. Word Of Mouth

N. Press Releases

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What Are the Pros and Cons in Trading Forex Options?

More and more traders are choosing to trade forex options. This is because they manage to weigh the pros and cons and they find that the former far outweighs the latter. Currency options is an agreement or a contract between the option buyer and the seller that gives the buyer the right, with no underlying obligation, to buy or sell an option. It is the buyer that dictates the strike price and the expiry date of it. If the expiration date comes, the buyer may choose to exercise his option and buy the currency or he may opt to just let the option expire worthless. All he needs to pay for is the premium.

Given this definition, forex option trading indeed poses many advantages over some of the financial instruments used in various exchanges. Some of the said advantages are the limited risk involve in this transaction, the unlimited potential for earnings, the low up-front cash requirement, the flexibility feature provided to the trader, the possibility to use the option as a hedge over other positions to limit risk and the provision of many choices for SPOT options.

Just as there are pros, there are also a few cons in currency option trading. The premium assigned to it may vary according to the option’s date and strike price making the reward as well as the risk ratio also vary. Once the trader purchases a SPOT option, he may not change his mind to sell it. Predicting the scenario for a good time and date for the option may not be an easy task. Lastly, this is sometimes taken as going against the odds. Other than these, nothing bad can be said about currency option transactions.

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Online Income – 16 Ways to Make Money Online

If you are looking for ways to make more money online then this list will be a great help. There are 16 different ways to make money online listed below. There is a large variety of different ways so there is sure to be something for you.

1) Create Websites

You can make money on the internet by creating your own website there are many ways to make money from a website and these are shown below.

2) Google Ads

Google pay website owners to display Google ads on their sites. In return Google will pay you every time a visitor clicks on the ads.

3) Become an Affiliate

An affiliate involves advertising other company's products on your website and when the visitor clicks the link and buys the product the company will pay your a percentage of the sale. Some commissions are as high as 75%.

4) Become a Merchant

If you have the ambition to start your own online shop you can turn your website into your own online store, selling the products of your choice.

5) Buy and Sell Domain Names

While the dot com gold rush has long faded away and lots of the good names are taken, there are lots of opportunity's out there if you bare willing to put in the time and effort.

6) Surveys

Company's will pay for you to fill out surveys for them, so they can carry out market research.

7) Post on Forums

New forum owners that need to give their forum a boost are paying posters a per post fee to chat on their forums.

8) Stock Photography

If you have a talent for photography then you can sell the rights to your pictures online. Website owners can then buy the rights to use your photos.

9) Article Writing

Become a free-lance article writer and full fill the need of website owners who need constant fresh content for their sites.

10) Gambling

A high risk way to earn money online. Some people make good money online from gambling. Only worth doing if you are a professional.

11) Blog Posting

Blog owners are willing to pay for every blog post that you add to their blogs.

12) Write Articles For pay a percentage of ad revenue for articles that are written for the website. If you can write good how to articles then this would be worth a shot.

13) Create Your Own eBook

If you enough about a subject to write a book on it, then creating your own eBook can make you money online.

14) Enter Logo Creation Contests

Many forums have logo creating contests. Enter as many as you can and if you are good then you can make a career out of website logo design.

15) Sell on eBay

Selling on eBay is one of the most popular ways to make money online. If you are new then read as much as you can about it before you take the plunge.

16) Currency Trading

Trading currency on the Forex market is another way to make money online. The risks are high but so can be the rewards. Many traders use Forex robots to do their trading for them.

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Business Analyst Finance Domain Sample Resume

This is just a sample Business Analyst resume for freshers as well as for experienced job seekers in Finance domain of business analyst or system analyst. While this is only a sample resume, please use this only for reference purpose, do not copy the same client names or job duties for your own purpose. Always make your own resume with genuine experience.

Name: Justin Megha


your email here.

Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst


  • Accomplished in Business Analysis, System Analysis, Quality Analysis and Project Management with extensive experience in business products, operations and Information Technology on the capital markets space specializing in Finance such as Trading, Fixed Income, Equities, Bonds, Derivatives (Swaps, Options, etc ) and Mortgage with sound knowledge of broad range of financial instruments.
  • Over 11+ Years of proven track record as value-adding, delivery-loaded project hardened professional with hands-on expertise spanning in System Analysis, Architecting Financial applications, Data warehousing, Data Migrations, Data Processing, ERP applications, SOX Implementation and Process Compliance Projects.
  • Accomplishments in analysis of large-scale business systems, Project Charters, Business Requirement Documents, Business Overview Documents, Authoring Narrative Use Cases, Functional Specifications, and Technical Specifications, data warehousing, reporting and testing plans.
  • Expertise in creating UML based Modelling views like Activity / Use Case / Data Flow / Business Flow / Navigational Flow / Wire Frame diagrams using Rational Products & MS Visio.
  • Proficient as long time liaison between business and technology with competence in Full Life Cycle of System (SLC) development with Waterfall, Agile, RUP methodology, IT Auditing and SOX Concepts as well as broad cross-functional experiences leveraging multiple frameworks.
  • Extensively worked with the On-site and Off-shore Quality Assurance Groups by assisting the QA team to perform Black Box / GUI testing / Functionality / Regression / System / Unit / Stress / Performance / UAT's.
  • Facilitated change management across entire process from project conceptualization to testing through project delivery, Software Development & Implementation Management in diverse business & technical environments, with demonstrated leadership abilities.


  • Post Graduate Diploma (in Business Administration) , USA
  • Master's Degree (in Computer Applications) ,
  • Bachelor's Degree (in Commerce),


Documentation Tools UML, MS Office (Word , Excel, Power Point, Project), MS Visio, Erwin

SDLC Methodologies Waterfall, Iterative, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Spiral, Agile

Modeling Tools UML, MS Visio, Erwin , Power Designer, Metastrom Provision

Reporting Tools Business Objects X IR2, Crystal Reports, MS Office Suite

QA Tools Quality Center, Test Director, Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP, Rational Requisite Pro, Bugzilla, Clear Quest

Languages Java, VB, SQL, HTML , XML, UML, ASP, JSP

Databases & OS MS SQL Server, Oracle 10g, DB2, MS Access on Windows XP / 2000, Unix

Version Control Rational Clear Case, Visual Source Safe


SERVICE MASTER, Memphis, TN June 08 – Till Date

Senior Business Analyst

Terminix has approximately 800 customer service agents that reside in our branches in addition to approximately 150 agents in a centralized call center in Memphis, TN. Terminix customer service agents receive approximately 25 million calls from customers each year. Many of these customer's questions are not answered or their problems are not resolved on the first call. Currently these agents use an AS / 400 based custom developed system called Mission to answer customer inquiries into branches and the Customer Communication Center. Mission – Terminix's operation system – provides functionality for sales, field service (routing & scheduling, work order management), accounts receivable, and payroll. This system is designed modularly and is difficult to navigate for customer service agents needing to assist the customer quickly and knowledgeably. The amount of effort and time needed to train a customer service representative using the Mission system is high. This combined with low agent and customer retention is costly.

Customer Service Console enables Customer Service Associates to provide consistent, enhanced service experience, support to the Customers across the Organization. CSC is aimed at providing easy navigation, easy learning process, reduced call time and first call resolution.


  • Assisted in creating Project Plan, Road Map. Designed Requirements Planning and Management document.
  • Performed Enterprise Analysis and actively participated in buying Tool Licenses.
  • Identified subject-matter experts and drove the requirements gathering process through approval of the documents that convey their needs to management, developers, and quality assurance team.
  • Performed technical project consultation, initiation, collection and documentation of client business and functional requirements, solution alternatives, functional design, testing and implementation support.
  • Requirements Elicitation, Analysis, Communication, and Validation according to Six Sigma Standards.
  • Captured Business Process Flows and Reengineered Process to achieve maximum outputs.
  • Captured As-Is Process, designed TO-BE Process and performed Gap Analysis
  • Developed and updated functional use cases and conducted business process modeling (PROVISION) to explain business requirements to development and QA teams.
  • Created Business Requirements Documents, Functional and Software Requirements Specification Documents.
  • Performed Requirements Elicitation through Use Cases, one to one meetings, Affinity Exercises, SIPOC's.
  • Gathered and documented Use Cases, Business Rules, created and maintained Requirements / Test Traceability Matrices.

Client: The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, Parsippany, NJ May '2007 – Oct' 2007

Profile: Sr. Financial Business Analyst / Systems Analyst.

Project Profile (1): D & B is the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses. The Point of Arrival Project and the Data Maintenance (DM) Project are the future applications of the company that the company would transit into, providing an effective method & efficient report generation system for D & B's clients to be able purchase reports about companies they are trying to do business.

Project Profile (2): The overall purpose of this project was building a Self Awareness System (SAS) for the business community for buying SAS products and a Payment system was built for SAS. The system would provide certain combination of products (reports) for Self Monitoring report as a foundation for managing a company's credit.


  • Conducted GAP Analysis and documented the current state and future state, after understanding the Vision from the Business Group and the Technology Group.
  • Conducted interviews with Process Owners, Administrators and Functional Heads to gather audit-related information and facilitated meetings to explain the impacts and effects of SOX compliance.
  • Played an active and lead role in gathering, analyzing and documenting the Business Requirements, the business rules and Technical Requirements from the Business Group and the Technological Group.
  • Co – Authored and prepared Graphical depictions of Narrative Use Cases, created UML Models such as Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Flow Diagrams using MS Visio throughout the Agile methodology
  • Documented the Business Requirement Document to get a better understanding of client's business processes of both the projects using the Agile methodology.
  • Facilitating JRP and JAD sessions, brain storming sessions with the Business Group and the Technology Group.
  • Documented the Requirement traceability matrix (RTM) and conducted UML Modelling such as creating Activity Diagrams, Flow Diagrams using MS Visio. Analysed test data to detect significant findings and recommended corrective measures
  • Co-Managed the Change Control process for the entire project as a whole by facilitating group meetings, one-on-one interview sessions and email correspondence with work stream owners to discuss the impact of Change Request on the project.
  • Worked with the Project Lead in setting realistic project expectations and in evaluating the impact of changes on the organization and plans accordingly and conducted project related presentations.
  • Co-oordinated with the off shore QA Team members to explain and develop the Test Plans, Test cases, Test and Evaluation strategy and methods for unit testing, functional testing and usability testing

Environment: Windows XP / 2000, SOX , Sharepoint, SQL, MS Visio, Oracle, MS Office Suite, Mercury ITG, Mercury Quality Center, XML, XHTML, Java, J2EE.

GATEWAY COMPUTERS, Irvine, CA, Jan 06 – Mar 07

Business Analyst

At Gateway, a Leading Computer, Laptop and Accessory Manufacturer, was involved in two projects,

Order Capture Application: Objective of this Project is to Develop Various Mediums of Sales with a Centralized Catalog. This project involves wide exposure towards Requirement Analysis, Creating, Executing and Maintaining of Test plans and Test Cases. Mentored and trained staff about Tech Guide & Company Standards; Gateway reporting system: was developed with Business Objects running against Oracle data warehouse with Sales, Inventory, and HR Data Marts. This DW serves the different needs of Sales Personnel and Management. Involved in the development of it utilized Full Client reports and Web Intelligence to deliver analytics to the Contract Administration group and Pricing groups. Reporting data mart included Wholesaler Sales, Contract Sales and Rebates data.


  • Product Manager for Enterprise Level Order Entry Systems – Phone, B2B, and Cataloging System.
  • Modeled the Sales Order Entry process to eliminate bottleneck process steps using ERWIN.
  • Adhered and practiced RUP for implementing software development life cycle.
  • Gathered Requirements from different sources like Stakeholders, Documentation, Corporate Goals, Existing Systems, and Subject Matter Experts by conducting Workshops, Interviews, Use Cases, Prototypes, Reading Documents, Market Analysis, Observations
  • Created Functional Requirement Specification documents – which include UMLUse case diagrams, Scenarios, activity, work Flow diagrams and data mapping. Process and Data modeling with MS VISIO.
  • Worked with Technical Team to create Business Services (Web Services) that Application could leverage using SOA, to create System Architecture and CDM for common order platform.
  • Designed Payment Authorization (Credit Card, Net Terms, and Pay Pal) for the transaction / order entry systems.
  • Implemented A / B Testing, Customer Feedback Functionality to
  • Worked with the DW, ETL teams to create Order entry systems Business Objects reports. (Full Client, Web I)
  • Worked in a cross functional team of Business, Architects and Developers to implement new features.
  • Program Managed Enterprise Order Entry Systems – Development and Deployment Schedule.
  • Developed and maintained User Manuals, Application Documentation Manual, on Share Point tool.
  • Created Test Plansand Test Strategies to define the Objective and Approach of testing.
  • Used Quality Center to track and report system defects and bug fixes. Written modification requests for the bugs in the application and helped developers to track and resolve the problems.
  • Developed and Executed Manual, Automated Functional, GUI, Regression, UAT Test cases using QTP.
  • Gathered, documented and executed Requirements-based, Business process (workflow / user scenario), Data driven test cases for User Acceptance Testing.
  • Created Test Matrix, Used Quality Center for Test Management, track & report system defects and bug fixes.
  • Performed Load, stress Testing's & Analyzed Performance, Response Times. Designed approach, developed visual scripts in order to test client & server side performance under various conditions to identify bottlenecks.
  • Created / developed SQL Queries (TOAD) with several parameters for Backend / DB testing
  • Conducted meetings for project status, issue identification, and parent task review, Progress Reporting.


Business Analyst

The primary objective of this project is to replace the existing Internal Facing Client / Server Applications with a Web enabled Application System, which can be used across all the Business Channels. This project involves wide exposure towards Requirement Analysis, Creating, Executing and Maintaining of Test plans and Test Cases. Demands understanding and testing of Data Warehouse and Data Marts, thorough knowledge of ETL and Reporting, Enhancement of the Legacy System covered all of the business requirements related to Valuations from maintaining the panel of appraisers to ordering, receiving, and reviewing the valuations.


  • Gathered Analyzed, Validated, and Managed and documented the stated Requirements. Interacted with users for verifying requirements, managing change control process, updating existing documentation.
  • Created Functional Requirement Specification documents – that include UML Use case diagrams, scenarios, activity diagrams and data mapping. Provided End User Consulting on Functionality and Business Process.
  • Acted as a client liaison to review priorities and manage the overall client queue. Provided consultation services to clients, technicians and internal departments on basic to intricate functions of the applications.
  • Identified business directions & objectives that may influence the required data and application architectures.
  • Defined, prioritized business requirements, Determine which business subject areas provide the most needed information; prioritize and sequence implementation projects accordingly.
  • Provide relevant test scenarios for the testing team. Work with test team to develop system integration test scripts and ensure the testing results correspond to the business expectations.
  • Used Test Director, QTP, Load Runner for Test management, Functional, GUI, Performance, Stress Testing
  • Perform Data Validation, Data Integration and Backend / DB testing using SQL Queries manually.
  • Created Test input requirements and prepared the test data for data driven testing.
  • Mentored, trained staff about Tech Guide & Company Standards. Set-up and Coordinate Onsite offshore teams, Conduct Knowledge Transfer sessions to the offshore team.

Lloyds Bank, UK Aug 03 – Sept 04
Business Analyst
Lloyds TSB is leader in Business, Personal and Corporate Banking. Noted financial provider for millions of customers with the financial resources to meet and manage their credit needs and to achieve their financial goals. The Project involves an applicant Information System, Loan Appraisal and Loan Sanction, Legal, Disbursements, Accounts, MIS and Report Modules of a Housing Finance System and Enhancements for their Internet Banking.


  • Translated stakeholder requirements into various documentation deliverables such as functional specifications, use cases, workflow / process diagrams, data flow / data model diagrams.
  • Produced functional specifications and led weekly meetings with developers and business units to discuss outstanding technical issues and deadlines that had to be met.
  • Coordinated project activities between clients and internal groups and information technology, including project portfolio management and project pipeline planning.
  • Provided functional expertise to developers during the technical design and construction phases of the project.
    • Documented and analyzed business workflows and processes. Present the studies to the client for approval
    • Participated in Universe development – planning, designing, Building, distribution, and maintenance phases.
    • Designed and developed Universes by defining Joins, Cardinalities between the tables.
      • Created UML use case, activity diagrams for the interaction between report analyst and the reporting systems.
      • Successfully implemented BPR and achieved improved Performance, Reduced Time and Cost.
      • Developed test plans and scripts; performed client testing for routine to complex processes to ensure proper system functioning.
      • Worked closely with UAT Testers and End Users during system validation, User Acceptance Testing to expose functionality / business logic problems that unit testing and system testing have missed out.
        • Participated in Integration, System, Regression, Performance, and UAT – Using TD, WR, Load Runner
        • Participated in defect review meetings with the team members. Worked closely with the project manager to record, track, prioritize and close bugs. Used CVS to maintain versions between various stages of SDLC.

Client: AG Edwards, St. Louis, MO May '2005 – Feb ' 2006

Profile: Sr. Business Analyst / System Analyst

Project Profile: AG Edwards is a full service Trading based brokerage firm in Internet-based futures, options and forex brokerage. This site allows Users (Financial Representative) to trade online. The main features of this site were: Users can open new account online to trade equitiies, bonds, derivatives and forex with the Trading system using DTCC's applications as a Clearing House agent. The user will get real-time streaming quotes for the currency pairs they selected, their current position in the forex market, summary of work orders, payments and current money balances, P & L Accounts and available trading power, all continuously updating in real time via live quotes. The site also facilitates users to Place, Change and Cancel an Entry Order, Placing a Market Order, Place / Modify / Delete / Close a Stop Loss Limit on an Open Position.


  • Gathered Business requirements pertaining to Trading, equities and Fixed Incomes like bonds, converted the same into functional requirements by implementing the RUP methodology and authored the same in Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Designed and developed all Narrative Use Cases and conducted UML modeling like created Use Case Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams and Activity Diagrams MS Visio using.
  • Implemented the entire Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology of application development with its various workflows, artifacts and activities. Developed business process models in RUP to document existing and future business processes. Established a business Analysis methodology around the Rational Unified Process.
  • Analyzed user requirements, attended Change Request meetings to document changes and implemented procedures to test changes.
  • Assisted in developing project timelines / deliverables / strategies for effective project management.
  • Evaluated existing practices of storing and handling important financial data for compliance.
  • Involved in developing the test strategy and assisted in developed Test scenarios, test conditions and test cases
  • Partnered with the technical areas in the research, resolution of system and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Environment: Windows XP / 2000 / NT , SOX, MS Office Suite, SQL, MS SQL Server, XML, HTML, Java, J2EE, JSP, Oracle, WinRunner, Test Director

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Apiary Fund Review – Is It For Real?

With the investment prospects projected by the Apiary Investment Fund seeming too sweet to be true, there can only be one question, "Is there an Apiary Fund Review that can objectively outline why this fund is not a scam?" It is a popular fact; the money markets have been the worst hit by fraudulent scams and unsustainable pyramid schemes. A considerable percentage of the investment funds making rounds online are not only suspect but intentionally fraudulent. This poses the question, is the Apiary Fund an exception?

As will be outlined in this Review, it is only a genuine investment fund that provides funds to its traders at no charge irrespective of any losses incurred. Well, the Apiary investment Fund is based on a very noble investment model which provides learning and investing platform for all interested parties despite their academic or professional background. This model is a replica of an international Chinese firm that would train people from all backgrounds to manage their money, rather than those just with financial academic qualifications.

Why Invest in the Apiary Fund?

This fund, besides providing training to trade professionally, also gives live funded accounts for trading. It is certainly a modern investment setup, new but tested! The big question that anyone would definitely be looking for an answer from any Apiary Fund Review would be how sustainable the fund is. It's as simple as this: it's a win-win situation. On one hand, the trader learns a new skill to add a new source of income while the Apiary fund on the other hand gains a new trader to diversify the fund's risk and grow steadily.

Get Paid to Trade

It's often a word that has been misused by online con masters who are out to swindle unsuspecting clients off their earnings. The Apiary fund, after taking you through a requisite 3 month training program, is ready to have you enjoy the fruits of your persistence. The mandatory Apiary Trade Development Program offers the learner key skills in money management and forex trading at a cost of $ 997. It is worth mentioning in this Apiary Fund Review that once you meet the goals of your virtual account, you will have the chance to trade a live funded account. You will start off with an account worth $ 2,500 and enjoy 60% of any profits you generate. Remember, you will not be required to deposit any risk fund.

How Easy is it to Make Profits?

Any objective review will outline the fact that the Apiary Fund, being a proprietary trading fund, involves managing the various trading risks by adopting a diversified approach to investment. The community of traders works together with each trader employing their unique strategy to grow their account. The fund then shares a large portion of the profits with its traders ensuring that both the fund and the trader's incentives are in complete alignment. Through practice with your virtual account you should have gained sufficient knowledge to know to control your stop losses.

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Mutual Understanding: What Is It and What Is It Not?

Ever felt an unexplained emotion for a certain person? An emotion that can not really be explained towards them though you are not in a love relationship with the person. I bet everyone have experienced such feeling. The feeling that brings tickles to the bones. Such feeling is called mutual understanding. It is an emotional state or an assumption, wherein two individuals feel fondness for each other, enjoy each other's company, inspire each other, please each other and share similar view points but has no real commitment for each other. The feeling may be unforeseen, anticipated and may be nurtured in the long run. It arises when an individual discovers common traits and interests with the other.

There exists a certain degree of affinity between two individuals which are in the state of mutual understanding. One gets to be correspondingly affected by anything that happens to the other. It is an affinity that none of these people would confirm probably because a bashful impression that exist between the two. Both may be reluctant to admit the feelings that they have for each other for fear and for several other reasons which may include the thought that one may grow uncomfortable with the other. Moreover, they would not even confirm their feelings with their friends or company when they are asked.

The involved individuals may or may not necessarily formalize their relationship. Some allow the feeling to nourish for some time until they see it appropriate to commit. It can wither away if the individuals get separated for some time or may lead to a deeper commitment. Individuals find this feeling titillating. Both are in for a surprise of what will happen next or where will the fondness of each other take them.

Surprisingly, mutual understanding does not necessarily entail love according to some psychologists. You may show care and sympathy to the person you are mutually connected but may not mean you are in love with each other. As such this can sometimes be the reason why the feeling is informal.

Furthermore, the concept does not only refer to a girl or a boy relationship. It can also be socio-political in nature to describe the relations of nations in the international community and the agreement of persons regarding decisions, policies and programs.

Regardless, people find the concept interesting and amazing when it is used to describe a boy and girl relationships.

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